Checklist: Protect Your Kids Online
Hey Mama!  I know two things about you. 👀

1.  Your kids are online now but you don't know how to protect them from creepy predators and crazy hackers...

2. You're willing to do anything to protect your kids but you need support on the "HOW" part

If I got it right then this free checklist is for you!!

Gone are the days where you  could shield your child from potential online dangers by keeping them off the internet. 

And because of the pandemic, online crimes against children have DOUBLED

I know you're deeply concerned and so am I. This is why I created the checklist below to guide you on your first steps to keeping your beautiful kids safe
This checklist is for you if your child...

💥  Loves to game online and talk to new and old friends

💥  Takes classes or does homework online

💥  Watches videos or browses the internet

💥  Uses social media

💥  Talks to friends and family via email/chat/video

Your kids are online now more than ever so there is no time better than NOW to discover how to keep them safe!
Grab the checklist up there ⬆️ to make sure you're doing what it takes to protect your kids!
I don't want to be rude so here is a little about me...

My name is Fareedah Shaheed and I help small business owners and families protect their loved ones and lives from hackers and predators. 

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of people online security & safety, hosting lunch and learns, and presenting keynotes on the subject. 

I’ve been honored to have my work featured in Radio One, TripWire, Infosecurity Magazine, Cisco, ABC 6, NBC 29, FOX 25, FOX 40, WFMJ, and many more. And I've recently been named the Cybersecurity Personality of the year 2020. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Smack this button right here ⬇️  to access your checklist!
Girl yes I need this for my kids!!
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